Monday, June 15, 2009

Sea World San Antonio

Jeff's mom came with us down to sea world to celebrate Jeff's Birthday weekend
It was soooo hott 105 degrees is what we later found out. Wyatt and mommy turn bright red when they're hott, daddy turns brown!! Not fair! Here we came into the peguin house to get a short break from the heat.

Shamu show. Sooo amazing!

We got splashed big time later in the show. It felt sooo good tho.
Us winding down at the hotel after a long day out. I'm soo mad at myself beacuse our hotel was right off the riverwalk and we went out to dinner on it but I forgot my camera so I have no pictures of how awesome the riverwalk is.
Back at home in Killeen. Wyatt's glad to be back on his favorite couch.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A day at the Lake

Hangin out at the lake after swimming.
Wyatt in daddy's shades

Not a very good picture of the lake.

Wyatt stole his new friends juice! Abrianna

His rainbow chair

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Febuary-May 2009

Cousins Wyatt and Torrence at the lakewith their life jackets
Wyatt at the zoo with his cousins Rylie and Ady

Cheering aunt Caitlin on at her last volleyball game!

Wyatt and Hunter at the petting zoo
Papa came to see Wyatt in Texas here we're at bass pro shop in dallas
On out way to dallas we had to stop for some shots in the blue bonnets! so pretty!
daddy and wyatt

Wyatt and his Emily

Some army friends paying rockband on easter

Big cheeeeeeese!!!

Mohawk in the bath

Dancin with dad
So fun
Hangin with the fam in KC
Celebrating Wyatts bday in KC
2nd black eye. what a tough guy
Wyatt loves his cousin Rylie

The cousins. We couldn't get a very good pose
Wyatt and Ady playing
Cousins bathing
Goofy Fam shot

With our friends Ashley and Hunter

Josh and Jeff

Two sisters who just found out theyll be preggers together!

Aunt Kari and Wyatt

Greyson and Wyatt

Mom and Wyatt at the Zoo in colorado springs

Playing in the tunnels

Fam shot at the zoo

watching gthe otters

Dad and son and monkeys

At the garden of the gods

Jeff's Dad's me and Deb in the kitchen

Wyatt and PawPaw playing the drums

Wyatts first bday party

His budyy Kaleb

opening presents

On his first bday we went to pizza hut for dinner

With Daddy at the park

A few weeks after Jeff got home from Iraq in our living room

Nana and Wyatt

Napping so cute

Torrence and Wyatt on the hammocock