Monday, December 15, 2008

Rylie's Birthday in Omaha

Wyatt's first time meeting Santa

Wyatt loves Santa! (this is what santa claus is supposed to look like>love it!)

My little Santa

Rylie blowing out her Birthday Candles :) 4 years old!

Wyatt in his CUTE sunday outfit

All the Grandkids

This pic would be perfect if Daddy was on the left..... (soon enough!)

Addy on the carousel

here comes Wyatt, he's not smiling here but he actually really liked it

Round and round we go!

Me and Rylie on a scarey ride! It actually tickled my tummy a little. :)

Race car driver!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The past month

mother and son
Not so happy face

Wyatt and Hunter in the bath together! We had a sleepover!

Wyatt and his uncle michael. Warmin up till daddy gets home for the real deal!
Mycah and Wyatt

Rylie with leaves in her hair
Aunt Kari, Rylie, and Belle playing in the leaves. Who's that weirdo in the back?
Daddy Nathan (my cousin) and Olivia
Olivia, Wyatt, and Brady playing together. (3rd cousins)
Mommy Anna (my cousin)and Brady
Aaron covered in leaves. (My cousin)
Aaron showing the kids how its done
Belle's turn
Rylie's turn!