Friday, February 18, 2011

Wyatt's 3rd Birthday and the Children's Museum with Grandma!

 Grandma showed up at our frount door and surprised us for Wyatt's birthday! (kids just woke up in this pic)
 Awesome smile Marie
 Birthday Boy!!!!!
 This child has no manners :)
 Wyatt eating his cupcake very neatly
 haha what a barbarian!
 Birthday Present

 All put together
Glow sticks!
 We're in the firetruck
 in the fire truck, there's 2nd cousin Nora
 Grandma lved the bubble room.. whoa big bubble
 waiting for the bubbles to come out to pop them
 In a huge box bubble
 Here goes Wyatt
 Wyatt at the little grocery store
 Wyatt had fun painting

Magnet Board

 Marie's hangin out
 Grandma and Wyatt makin something

 Grandma wanted to see Wyatt on his bike before she left

It wasn't fun saying goodbye to Grandma!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jeff's R & R

 Picking up Dadddy at the airport. Hard to tell in this pic but Wyatt was super excited!
 Daddy's Girl

 Together Again!!!
 Jeff's got morning eyes and marie just looks weird
 I don't know why the kids are so serious in every pic

 Denver Aquarium

They missed their daddy and will for the next six months! Come home soon!!!!