Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home for Thanksgiving!

 Grandma let us go on the Merry Go Round!

 Addalynn Grace
 Rylie Noel
 Wyatt couldn't say awake at the table ....
All the cousins/2nd cousins tired him out!  
I don't know if he was even able to take a bit of his yummy turkey :)

 I think the head count was 28 kids & adults at Mom and Dads ...
it was so good to see everyone!
 All the moms ..... and kiddos that weren't napping :)

 Great Grandpa Vernie, Uncle Aaron, Uncle Glen & cousin Brady
 Aunt Krista & Aunt Jenny
 Aunt Anna
 Grandma Lori making sure we didn't fall down the stairs
 Avery & Marie playing .... 10 weeks apart in age

In Kansas ......

We went to the mall to get Daddy some Christmas Presents and while I was shopping 
Grandma, Uncle Josh & Aunt Kari took Wyatt, Marie & Avery on the Ferris Wheel